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About Us

SERVELEC was born in 1983 as a company dedicated to the manufacture of dry-type electrical transformers, DC power supplies and battery chargers, all in low frequency. Located in the city of Córdoba, in the central zone of the Argentine Republic.

Since 1992, it has expanded its business portfolio incorporating higher technology products, such as converters and high-efficiency switched mode power supplies (Switch Mode Power Supllies).

The control and power electronics applied to simple rectifiers allowed to develop products such as controlled rectifiers, automatic battery chargers, automatic voltage stabilizers and others. At the same time, it developed the design and production of rural and distribution transformers in powers of 5 to 1000 kVA refrigerated in oil under IRAM / IEC standards, incorporating controlled process drying ovens, high vacuum autoclaves and standardized testing laboratory, with calibration instruments certified by the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI).

Since 2003, it has added to its product range Stationary Battery Banks of Nickel-Cadmium, Lead-Acid and Lead-Calcium.

The professionalization of its Engineering Department, coupled with the adoption of International Technical Standards (IEC – DIN / VDE) in collaboration with national institutes (INTI, CEMMCOR) qualifies its product line to serve the most demanding markets.

The certification of ISO 9001-2000 quality standards since 2001 endorses and formalizes our constant commitment to the development and manufacture of first line products to meet the highest standards of industry demand.

The satisfaction of our customers and the fulfillment of the agreed commitments are our premise.

Many projects demonstrate our ability to work in different parts of the world:

  • EL SALVADOR 5 de Noviembre Hydroelectric Power Plant
  • PERU Mina La Arena – Tambomayo
  • BOLIVIA Company Minera Bolivar Ltda.
  • CUBA
  • IRAQ


It is the commitment of SERVELEC SRL to provide products and services that comply with the technical specifications determined by the regulations adopted, the regulatory and legal requirements, both national and those required by customers of the external market, and the special contractual obligations, free of defect, in the time and form agreed with the client, in order to achieve their satisfaction.

This work must take place within a framework of training, participation and commitment of the staff, with an emphasis on quality concepts.

Keep active communication with our stakeholders to create a beneficial relationship for both.

SERVELEC SRL is committed to comply with the requirements and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, based on the ISO 9001 standard.